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Category Archives: Poetry

Glorious Morning

glory to the sun warming on cheeks frozen in fear slumbered too long in morass what it is to be awake to be awoken by your hand no morning but glorious morning


Closed eyes in Seattle rain fingers forgotten sojourned Sun drowned dreams sprout forgotten forgetting til ‘morrow in marrow grow anew


Soil once disturbed now routed, whetted appetite stirs, winds see dark flag flutter, sun rises waiting till a voice comes calling


Labored rains cleanse not all Water delves to rotted root Healing e’ermore yester sins Conjoin acceptance unconditional Love labors long

Greened Priory

woods greened near priory trots unheedingly past bountied bough eyeing felled apple turned seed lowers virgin so’ other Spring longingly

Bled Out

Septum cleaves cloudied smiles Kisses break over drought winds Prison to what must be, not what is Words found left all but bled out


Seattle rains fail to drown once sunned memories apprehended before birth, these passed moments linger on as slumbering ghosts haunting me longing for chances now wilting on paths untaken you come as my morrow, my marrow


Words come tumbling, rumbling like rapids from the mouth So many, so different and still all remain so more the same We define and describe and decapitate this truth, that truth, any truth With words and sentences that congeal as horizontal lines of blood in human desperation We fill the voids and crevices and dark […]