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There is life, even Life.  And there is living, even Living.  But neither of these – life and living in either capital form or not – are necessarily related to each other.  To have Life does not mean you are living, unless you are also truly Living.  I have been coming to this conclusion over […]

From The Vault

I thought I would dust off the blog, and in the process of the house-cleaning I came across these two drafts of posts that I never published (till now).  While inarguably from a different period in my life, I found in re-reading them something, something latent worth sharing – or, if I am to be […]

Curiously Enough

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the “internets” some weeks ago.  I, on some great fluke of luck, stumbled upon a lottery to participate in a cross-site NASA event sponsored by NASA Social to celebrate 50 years of NASA and the upcoming landing of the Mars Science Laboratory, also known more affectionately as Curiosity.  I have […]

Weeble Wobble

Me and my foe foo row ramma.  I dish and you dash and I know I got to go hoe and come on to do all that.  I have no idea.  No clue.  Notta respectability, neither nor all there or even some that.  But still I here while you but there.  And you ever so […]

Elastic Plastic

Here under weight of suspended waters in crushing lightness I lay buoyant drowning.  How sublime this that blankets an existence in brine turning bone to gelatin mass and rubbers tallowed skin, deforming into elastic tendrils seeking up to the green green light above.  I would that I might swim in waters warmed but instead relent […]

Crisis of sorts

There in the jars on the shelves amongst the specimens rests things; things that are more than not not kept but instead even more forgot and never more than least remembered and that till the light of a setting scene lays them out in pink and auburn hues in alien silhouettes dancing to music you […]

Wanna Be

You just wanna be a woman playing with a bow and arrow; you have been a temptress. In fields I smell desiccated flowers, poppies crumble under the laden gaze of youth remembered. Under trill and drummed beat query comes: “Did you really want?” Yes, I did and I do. How could I surrender? How can I […]

Protected: A Step

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


The saga continues.  Beasts of the most horrible ilk shall be slaughtered.  Damsels of the most beautiful flaxen hair shall be saved.  Interlopers will be crushed.  Heathens will be burned.  The righteous shall prevail.  Well, not quite.  This is just the third installment in a bet I am both bound to win and lose (since […]

Protected: Hello, you.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.