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This is part II in my bold, audacious I tell you, attempt to scale the vast queries levied by Matthew Yeager. Do you go to movies alone? Yes. When eating out, do you prefer, in general, to face the crowd or the wall? The crowd and preferably with the wall to the back.  You never […]


In one of those of wholiest [sic] of pursuits, I recently stumbled upon, rather metaphorically of course, a challenge, or more so a request, that I know not how to resist.  This challenge?  I am glad you ask.  The challenge, simply put, is to answer all the questions posted by Matthew Yeager’s A JAR OF […]


Some days there are really no words for things I am thinking.  You just got to avoid trying to go see through the mullion and instead push on through the transom to get anywhere outside of my vexed mind.  But when you get those two together, well, you got yourself an understanding of a mighty […]

‘Awlo, Spring!

How much better can Spring in Seattle be than to start off with a half-marathon (12-mile) run from Green Lake to Volunteer Park?  The morning started out at something hovering south of 40 degrees Fahrenheit but quickly warmed up into the 50s by the time the pack got back to the Bathhouse Theatre at Greenlake […]

As Who Likes It?

Today was, well, one of those magical, bizarre, sad and wonderful days all wrapped in a bow and smothered in Seattle sanguine sunshine.  Oh, how to begin?  Maybe it is best to begin with where. We begin our story on 15th Avenue NE heading south at approximately 9am.  I am stopped at the intersection of […]

10 Pounds and a Chunk of Nothing

This week saw me shed some ten pounds in under twenty-four hours.  Without nary a fever or otherwise symptom my innards basically completely shutdown.  It may be obvious but it was not the most pleasant twenty-four hours I have spent at home.  And even some three days later I am still wobbly on my feet as […]


I am a person used to rules, a person comfortable with creating and living by rules both real and perceived.  Since my childhood I have created a large collection of rules, even collections of collections or systems of rules as it were, to describe not only how the world around me operated but also to […]

I Like

In this day of Facebook “Like” I found myself wondering what is it that I like that does not have a convenient, spiffy button next to it? I like? I like running 10k first thing in the morning. Every morning. I like coffee in a French press on a Sunday morning. I like Cafe Solstice […]

Home Sweet Seattle

It may seem a surprising thing, even absurd really, when you read that in the thirteen years that I have lived in Seattle I have never been picked at the airport by a friend; until last night, that is. It is funnier, maybe even ironic, that this most auspicious event is hallmarked by maybe an […]

Spinoza’s god is the Nihilist-Solipsist god is the Egoless-Subconscious Self

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Not the the pithiest title for an entry, I know.  But it will have to do for now. As a child at the age sometime before turning the age of awkward I recall developing a sense of how I ought to process the world.  In reality, I suspect my (overly) analytic mind […]