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My adventures both around Seattle and the world.

Curiously Enough

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the “internets” some weeks ago.  I, on some great fluke of luck, stumbled upon a lottery to participate in a cross-site NASA event sponsored by NASA Social to celebrate 50 years of NASA and the upcoming landing of the Mars Science Laboratory, also known more affectionately as Curiosity.  I have […]

Hawaii, Hawaii

Hawaii, the “big island”, lives up to its name. To the west it is tumble-weed dry, to the south lush and wet under rain forest clouds, to the east tropical with floral scents and aviary songs, to the north rolling greens with bovine bliss. I arrived on Saturday mid-afternoon and immediately headed out to Hawaii […]

Kauai, Hawaii

May we toast to here, the inbetweens, where in the crevices and the nooks and the crannies with the tumbles and some times the fumbles, goes the things we hold locked in our heads and in our hearts. It is where we hide and then later, sometimes much later, discover and discover once again the […]

Road-tripping down US2

There is nothing quite like a road-trip to make everything a-oh-kay.  Saturday proved itself to be the perfect day to jump into my car and drive East toward Steven’s Pass along US2.  The snow in the mountains is just beginning to dust over the peaks while the valleys remain awash in decidious’ Fall colors and […]

Porta-potty: Locked and Loaded

Today was one of those days. You would think that maybe the gods would have let me pass unfettered, but sadly they seemed to have thought I needed to learn of hubris when they locked me into a porta-potty. Yes. Porta. Potty. Of the kind that is permanently placed at a certain trailhead off exit […]


I took a little over a week to go and visit my friends and family back East in western and central New York including a quick trip up to Niagara Falls while there.  My parents, having been married for now fifty years warranted a celebration by the family.  My sisters and their children all converged on […]

Niagara Falls

On July 8th I drove up to Niagara Falls while out visiting my very good friends in Buffalo, New York.  Like so many things that when in your backyard you often do not see it in the same light and joy that visitors do; until that is you return as a visitor.  And Niagara Falls […]


I have been wanting to visit LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) for quite some time. It is not merely a physics experiment on the highest magnitude, it is an astro-physics experiment of the highest caliber.  LIGO is one of two facilities in the United States funded by NSF to attempt to detect gravity waves by […]

Olympic Peninsula and Ferries

Yesterday was one of those perfect days that it is hard to fully describe either in words or pictures. The weather was so clear and sunny when I woke at half past six that I almost skipped out on my typical Saturday long-distance run. But even that proved to be a particularly excellent run, both […]

Sunset over San Francisco

I happened to have the great pleasure of reconnecting with a good friend, Dave, who I have not conversed with, at least in person, in over 15 years while visiting Berkeley. In many ways Facebook has been a great way to stay connected with folks I knew from my days at Kanazawa University who are […]