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My adventures both around Seattle and the world.

California Coast Road-trip

I drove up out of Sunnyvale taking Highway 1 once I was free of San Francisco north of Golden Gate Bridge. Highway 1, for the most part, hugs the coast meandering its way past scenic cliffs and towns of a few hundred inhabitants. The weather this past week has been less than ideal, the rain […]

San Francisco Peninsula

I spent a few hours along the San Francisco Peninsula today, driving south from the Golden Gate Bridge along Highway 1. It is amazing the difference being on the west-side of the peninsula ridge makes to the lay and ebb of the land. As much as I enjoy large cities such as San Francisco especially […]

Second Chances

Some three weeks later here I sit at the end of my journey, my “quadrangle of awesomeness” at a close.  As I wrote previously, this particular story is better measured in anything other than weeks or miles.  I do not propose that the story I am telling is in fact what happened, only that in […]


My first encounter with Dubai came at night stepping off a flight on Tuesday from Athens, Greece.  I, a bit weary and hyped on adrenaline, stepped out and into the last leg of a three-week odyssey; an odyssey that began over dinner-drinks with friends so many years ago.  An odyssey that found its final leg back in […]


Today I visited Siena (not Sienna) which is situated halfway between Firenze and Roma.  It is medieval town which includes more than few dozen churches strewn throughout its meandering hilly streets.  I am thankful for the calves Seattle has given me as I really needed them today to roam around the town.  I arrived a […]

Firenze vis-à-vis HDR

After what amounted to a rather dull day for photographs yesterday, I headed back out in Firenze in hopes of getting some pictures that better captured both the color of the buildings and the nature of the Tuscan light.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the results from yesterday.  Simply put, the […]


I arrived in Firenze (Florence) from Napoli on an express train a little before 10 AM today.  By 11 AM I was settled in my home away from home till this Saturday when I depart for Athens, Greece.  I stumbled upon this gem searching the internet last Sunday and reserved at a price much below […]


Napoli is a city, as many before me have iterated and I will re-iterate, that either you love or your hate.  My first impressions of Napoli are not wholly positive albeit not wholly negative.  My biggest issue is the amount of garbage that piles up on some streets; this is an issue that I recall […]


Today I went to Pompeii on what is my second and last day in Naples.  (For the curious, the ruins of the ancient city are spelled “Pompeii” and the living city surrounding it is spelled “Pompei”.)  While I started the morning early, the Italian train system decided to thwart my endeavors, making me wait for […]

Reggia di Caserta

On my way from Trani to Naples I had a change-over in trains at Caserta.  It was only happenstance that I even know about Reggia di Caserta let alone stopped to visit it today.  This morning my friend Dave and I took the train up from Trani to Foggia on Dave’s commute to work.  Along with us […]