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Nekid Solstice

Fremont was once a place within Seattle that put the hippie in grunge. Or maybe that was the grunge in hippie. Nowadays it is, like much of Seattle, at a cross-roads between its past written in the PBR-soaked sweat of folks who, in their twenties believed that dirt under nail and in hair was simultaneously […]


Today was a day of airplanes. Lots and lots of airplanes: that is what KenmoreAir is all about. KenmoreAir is located just a few miles north of my home. They are the vestiges of what I suspect is an Age of the Air that is now mostly regulated to the big guys, at least in […]


I have been wanting to visit LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) for quite some time. It is not merely a physics experiment on the highest magnitude, it is an astro-physics experiment of the highest caliber.  LIGO is one of two facilities in the United States funded by NSF to attempt to detect gravity waves by […]

Olympic Peninsula and Ferries

Yesterday was one of those perfect days that it is hard to fully describe either in words or pictures. The weather was so clear and sunny when I woke at half past six that I almost skipped out on my typical Saturday long-distance run. But even that proved to be a particularly excellent run, both […]

Sunset at Discovery Park

This evening, after a day of rain and clouds, found me inside reading a book. It was with some shock, which quickly settled into delight, that I realized the sun, that marvelous wonderful heat of summer glow, was out.  While it was nearing 7pm, in one of those “of course it is” moments, I remembered […]

Seattle Walk About

Today I woke up with a desire to see Seattle on foot much in the way I might see any city on my travels.  Naturally, when in U(niversity) District it is best to start your search for me at Cafe Solstice.  And that is exactly where you would have found me as I started my […]

‘Awlo, Spring!

How much better can Spring in Seattle be than to start off with a half-marathon (12-mile) run from Green Lake to Volunteer Park?  The morning started out at something hovering south of 40 degrees Fahrenheit but quickly warmed up into the 50s by the time the pack got back to the Bathhouse Theatre at Greenlake […]

As Who Likes It?

Today was, well, one of those magical, bizarre, sad and wonderful days all wrapped in a bow and smothered in Seattle sanguine sunshine.  Oh, how to begin?  Maybe it is best to begin with where. We begin our story on 15th Avenue NE heading south at approximately 9am.  I am stopped at the intersection of […]

Whidbey Island

A few days ago a good friend of mine, Casey Muldoon, asked me to tag along for a trip up to Fort Casey on Whidbey Island to capture some photographs. For anyone who knows me, I am always game for a road-trip especially when it includes an opportunity to do two of my favorite things: […]

Sunset over San Francisco

I happened to have the great pleasure of reconnecting with a good friend, Dave, who I have not conversed with, at least in person, in over 15 years while visiting Berkeley. In many ways Facebook has been a great way to stay connected with folks I knew from my days at Kanazawa University who are […]