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There is life, even Life.  And there is living, even Living.  But neither of these – life and living in either capital form or not – are necessarily related to each other.  To have Life does not mean you are living, unless you are also truly Living.  I have been coming to this conclusion over […]

Ward’s Pics Debut

My new photography site, Ward’s Pics, makes its debut today. While I have enjoyed sharing with everyone my photographs on Facebook, ultimately the quality of the uploaded pictures leaves much to be desired.  While Flickr is a better alternative, still I wanted something that gave me a bit more control for self-expression.  And frankly, I […]

Integrate, ho!

I will admit that it.  I am a sucker for integration.  In particular, technology even when it misses much of its potential such as AppleTV. Facebook is cool.  So is Twitter.  Not to mention the obvious WordPress.  Even if you have an account on Facebook, LinkedIn is a great compliment to having both a personal and professional […]

Stepping Stone

In an attempt to better organize my various sites I have added a “stepping stone” page.  From this page you can find links a variety of different web-sites and web-applications that I am either administrating or involved in.


Well, I finally decided to take the plunge into the world of blogging using something a bit more mainstream than Apple’s iWeb.  My original blog will, for the time being, remain at