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Not that I have ever developed anything other than most cursory of games, but development of a fantasy RPG has been a childhood dream.  Of course, what isn’t?  More to point, a game allows me to be both technical and creative simultaneously and be something I can develop entirely for myself and be content.

But if I ever do get something fun to play worth sharing and have an itch to make $0.99 then having an easy means of distribution would be the proverbial cherry on top.  Now, given the end-to-end ecosystem that Apple’s iTunes Store represents along with the fact that iPhone has arguably more horsepower than Nintendo’s Wii, iPhone as a game platform seems like a good place to head.  And getting back to my neophyte status as a game developer, I am happy to discover the Cocos2D API which provides a 2D gaming frameworks for iPhone and iPod Touch.

At this point I am still working through Monocle Studio’s SimpleGame example.  But it is fun to have something very simple to work on that actually works.

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