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San Francisco Peninsula

I spent a few hours along the San Francisco Peninsula today, driving south from the Golden Gate Bridge along Highway 1. It is amazing the difference being on the west-side of the peninsula ridge makes to the lay and ebb of the land. As much as I enjoy large cities such as San Francisco especially when on foot, I equally love the joy of driving along a rural road. And it only takes a few minutes south of the Presidio to discover this kind of chance. And this joy turns to thrill when it is done on a sunny day along a gorgeous coastline, especially for this Seattle-ite who just escaped a cold, winter downpour that hit that fair city today. I am told that the drive further south of Half Moon Bay down to Santa cruz is even more spectacular, but nevertheless even the short circuit I followed really helped to round out my day. The best part might of have been the nap I took in the car, parked facing west basking in the warmth of the sun as it slowly set. I fortunately woke in time to see the last minutes before sunset while looking over my should to the east to see the moon already risen.

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