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California Coast Road-trip

I drove up out of Sunnyvale taking Highway 1 once I was free of San Francisco north of Golden Gate Bridge. Highway 1, for the most part, hugs the coast meandering its way past scenic cliffs and towns of a few hundred inhabitants. The weather this past week has been less than ideal, the rain is harder, colder rain than Seattle typically experiences. It is with a sad nod and pun that it has dampened my spirits somewhat. Fortunately, today saw glimpses of blue sky between the storm clouds. There were moments, as I climbed up hills on a bend, that all I could see was blue sky; it gave me the sense that I was going drive into the sky itself. As is normal to my wont, I took an unplanned left turn dropping in on Point Arena Lighthouse with its unparalleled views from some 145-feet up atop the lighthouse. I continued northward until I reached Highway 128 just some miles south of Mendocino and Fort Bragg where I started to head south and east toward Calistoga where my friend’s house awaited me.

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