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This blog, Ward’s Words, is a continuation of a previous blog titled 和道のワード; arguably titled with a subtle Japanese pun of sorts.   This current blog is my effort to move forward in the original spirit of that blog while also expanding to include my current web-application development activities.  More to point, even though I have worked as a Japanese interpreter I have never considered myself very adroit with words.  They continually frustrate me while simultaneously fascinating me.  I believe it is the dual nature between denotation and connotation that perpetually brings me wonderment and excitement as I consider language and how we use words and grammar to convey our inner reality to others; and consequently is a recurring theme of this blog.

As for myself, I currently reside in Seattle, WA where I have been since I moved out here for graduate school some eleven years ago.

I am in-arguably over-educated with five degrees earned (four conferred, three as masters of science) in Japanese history and language, technical Japanese, aerospace engineering, computational fluid dynamics and plasma physics, and software engineering.  This does not include numerous certificates in computer programming and the ilk.  At some point in my life I entertained getting a custom license plate “PRO STUD” to notate my status as professional student, but was reprimanded by others who noted that this would not be apparent to others without further explanation.  To this day I am not sure what they mean.  Regardless, I consider myself professionally a “technical mutt” given this mix in education coupled to my great fortune to enjoy employment in engineering research labs, manufacturing, technical customer support, and retail as engineer (aerospace, software), Japanese interpreter, and now technical product manager.

While I have always enjoyed solving technical problems and thus my natural inclination toward engineering, I spent most of my formative years before entering university doing art.  And it is art (sketching, oil painting, and fiddle) that I find myself most comfortable and at ease.  It is in art that I find my deepest needs for self-expression satiated.  But as much as I love these forms of expression, they are also something I have never tried to do professionally, and I think for now that will continue.   If I were to do strive for anything remotely professional in the arts then I must confide that I not-so-secretly wish I had been born with the super-power to write children’s literature in a vein similar of T. H. White.  And someday I hope to find the courage and voice to write and illustrate my own such stories; till then I write here.  Enjoy!

You can learn more about me and what I am up to by going to my stepping stone.